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The last show had a mishap with TwitterIt prevented anyone from posting a link to last Thursdays Show. I finally got around the problem by using the forwarding link someone has been maintaining for a few years.

You can’t find out whether this was intentional or not, but it was inconvenient and may be part of a bigger effort to stifle voices of reason or perhaps censor anyone with an anti-one world government (globalist) perspective.

When you tried to use Twitter to announce the show, you got this:
It’s hard to say what they are thinking because most of the modern companies involved with social media do not like communicating with anyone.

A classic example of this was Patreon cutting off Canadian political conservative activist Lauren Southern. Many of you have suggested that No Agenda use Patreon for various reasons of convenience. Once you look at the terms of service you quickly realize that this is a risky proposition and it was never seriously considered. But many of you carped about it. This would have been a disaster.

Well, here is the core of the issue out-of-the-blue, presented to Lauren.
Note the refusal to even discuss the issue. The Patreon rationale is quite bogus, by the way, as Lauren explains on a video posted here. The point is that these same promoters of Net Neutrality are more than happy to cut you off for apparent political reasons.

This is not going to get better any time soon as these companies, Twitter, Google, Patreon, Facebook are all very left leaning and want to maintain the current rhetoric until the 2018 elections as you have heard in the recent No Agenda analysis. Unless things start swinging in their direction, expect more and more of this random and hurtful censorship
And you can expect it to try and hurt the No Agenda Show, so make sure to support the show more than ever. Click here to give any amount you feel is right. No Agenda is an important part of your life and needs to continue to operate. We have our own servers and infrastructure scattered around the world so we can keep broadcasting no matter what. But the Show does need your support to maintain our independence.
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